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Bits of Freedom

Tinkerer and thinker on everything free and open. Exploring possibilities and engaging with new opportunities to instigate change.

Jonas Öberg

Jonas is a dad, husband, tinkerer, thinker and traveler. He's passionate about the future and bringing people together, from all fields of free and open.


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Bits of Freedom


Jonas ÖbergJonas Öberg

On my 22nd birthday in 1999, I received a phone call from Richard Stallman to tell me the root password of the GNU project web server. I offer you 20 years of experience from free and open projects.


I'm a consultant on free and open projects, executive director of the Free Software Foundation Europe and a Shuttleworth Foundation Fellow Alumni. My expertise lie in crossing the borders of the free and open * communities. Having worked with both free culture, open data, and free and open source software, I'm equally comfortable on all sides, and I see how interrelated they are. I'm good at managing projects, people and finances, to engage internationally, to educate, and to create & innovate.

According to Belbin, my best line of work is one in which I'm required to explore possibilities and engage with new opportunities. I should steer myself towards areas where change is highly valued, and my best opportunities may lie in conservative organisations that are ripe for change. I have an excellent ability at generating drive and dynamism to motivate others in a team.

Principal skills

Free and Open *
Project management
International relations
Finance & HR
English (TOEFL, 117/120 and Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English - A)

Current role

Executive Director Free Software Foundation Europe (2015-)

In 2001, I helped co-found the Free Software Foundation Europe, and am happy to be back in a role as executive director, 14 years later. The FSFE is one of the most effective and critical voices in the community when it comes to advancing the state of free and open source software around the world.

Chairman Morus konsult AB (2012-)

Co-founded a business specializing in offering guidance and support to other organisations on free and open source software, free culture and open data (and everything else open). Worked with open business plans, advising government branches and municipalities. Continue to act as the president of the board.

CEO Commons Machinery in Sweden AB (2013-)

Founder of a business conducting research & development on the role of technology to power free culture, as well as building infrastructure and tools to grease the wheels of the Commons. Driving research and development of a large scale provenance catalog.

Executive Director The Society of Free Culture and Software (2005-)

Executive director for a non-profit foundation, organising the annual Free Society Conference and Nordic Summit with ca 350 participants and speakers. In the society I also worked as a manager for two Creative Commons projects, one networking project between the Nordic CC leads to bring the Nordic countries together and one public relations project to bring awareness of Creative Commons to artists in the Nordic countries.

Work history

Fellow Shuttleworth Foundation (2013-2015)

Together with the Shuttleworth Foundation, I've created the infrastructure needed to store and retrieve contextual information (provenance) about any digital work distributed online. I demonstrated how this infrastructure works with openly licensed photos and helped advance the dialogues in the area.

Regional Coordinator, Europe and Central Asia Creative Commons (2011-2013)

Encouraging affiliate interaction and participation through the organisation of workshops and meetings, outreach to new affiliates and regions, as well as representing Creative Commons at conferences within the region towards both governments and community.

Lecturer University of Gothenburg (2006-2011)

Lecturer on software engineering, with a focus on software architectures, project management and group relations. Management of EU projects in the area of free educational materials.

Vice President Free Software Foundation Europe (2001-2008)

Founding member and vice president in charge of project activities, office staff, and volunteer coordination. Organisation of workshops, seminars, and other activities in externally funded projects in the areas of software, science and democracy. During my time as vice president I also gave public presentations, mostly in other countries with a slight focus on Eastern Europe.

System administrator / Project manager University West (2005-2006)

Worked as a sub project manager responsible for procurement of IT and telecom systems as well as representing the IT department in a larger construction project of the university. Also built internal systems for version control of software systems with automatic builds and deployment.

System administrator University of Gothenburg (2001-2005)

System administrator for the department of informatics. Responsible for rollout of and maintanance of software for student and personell computers, as well as the network infrastructure and security.

System administrator Mälardalen University (1999-2001)

System administrator for three different departments, primarily with SUN/Solaris systems.


Software Engineering Gotland University (2009) University Pedagogics University of Gothenburg (2011)